How To Get Straight Hair And Maintain The Look For At Least A Week

Is your hair naturally curly? After washing, conditioning, and using a flat iron at home, your hair may look straight for only a few hours before it becomes frizzy and then starts looking a bit wavy. If you can never seem to keep your hair straightened for long, there are just a few simple steps you should follow to ensure your hair stays straight and looking its best for at least a week.

Visit a Salon For Blow-Drying Services

If you're tired of messing around with the flat iron and not seeing the best results, consider visiting a salon for a hair blow drying service. A stylist would start the process off by washing your hair with shampoo and then using a conditioner to give it that smooth, knot-free look and feel. After shampooing and conditioning, the stylist could wring the hair out to remove any of the excess water before using the hair dryer to help you get straight hair that looks flawless.

Make sure the stylist who is working on your hair uses a heat protecting product on your hair, such as a cream, oil, or spray. Most stylists apply different products to the damp hair before they start blow-drying, including blow-dry sprays that are known to protect the hair from the heat while adding shine to those beautiful strands, giving your hair a glossy appearance. When you go to the salon for blow-drying services, the stylist will complete a blowout, naturally straightening the hair using the hair dryer and a blowout brush. The stylist may then go over the hair with a flat iron to ensure it's perfectly straight for you.

Wrap Your Hair at Night and While Showering

Once you've visited the salon and have had your hair straightened by a professional, you need to take proper precautionary measures to keep the hair looking its best. You should invest in a few different products that will come in handy while you're on your quest to preserve your professional blowout for as long as possible. These products include:

  • Silk hair wrap or bonnet
  • Bobby pins
  • Shower cap

Start by brushing your hair before bed. Once you've brushed out any knots, begin brushing your hair to one side of your head and then use a few bobby pins to pin it into place. Once your bobby pins are holding your hair in place so that it's not longer hanging by your neck or on your back, place a silk bonnet over your head.

If you don't have a silk bonnet, you can wrap the hair using a silk hair wrap. After you have the bonnet or wrap on top of your hair, stick your finger underneath the bonnet or wrap and pull out the bobby pins. You don't want to leave the bobby pins in overnight because you don't want to have that crease on your hair that they tend to leave behind.

When taking a shower or bath, make sure to add an extra layer of protection to your hair by using a shower cap on top of your silk bonnet or hair wrap. The last thing you want to do is ruin your perfectly straightened hair by getting it wet while you're washing your face in the bathtub.

Use Dry Shampoo Throughout the Week

After a few days of having straight hair and going without shampooing, you may notice that your hair looks a bit greasy. If this is the case, use dry shampoo! It works like a charm and is a great product to have when you're trying to maintain your straightened hair for as long as possible. Instead of washing the hair and shampooing in the shower, you'll just need to apply some dry shampoo to the roots and greasy areas of the hair, rub it in, and then brush your hair until it's all blended. It won't look greasy anymore and will help you extend the life of your blowout.

If your hair is naturally curly and you can never seem to keep it straight long enough, visit a salon to have it blow-dried. After getting your hair done by a professional stylist, make sure you're taking proper steps to maintain the look.