3 Tips For Effective Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal has been proven effective at removing dark hairs permanently from multiple locations on the body. This can make life much easier for those who don't like shaving and for those who have a great deal of hair that they have to try and keep up with. However, in order for laser hair removal to be as effective as possible, it is important that you do certain things to ensure that the laser hair removal is successful. This article will discuss 3 tips for effective laser hair removal. 

Use Aloe 

After your treatments, the area that received the treatment will be a bit sore. The skin is a bit more raw than usual because the laser also hit it. In order to avoid unnecessary pain and soreness, and to help the area heal more quickly, you should place aloe on it. The aloe vera plant has natural healing and soothing properties that make it very effective. Also since aloe vera is natural, you won't have to deal with unnecessary side effects. 

Do Not Tweeze

Another important thing to keep in mind is to avoid tweezing any hairs from areas that are undergoing laser hair removal. When you tweeze a hair, you remove not only the hair, but the entire follicle. Since it is the hair follicle that needs to be removed via laser hair removal, they should all be kept in tact. This can be done by choosing to shave the hair on your body. Shaving simply cuts down the hair to the surface of the skin, and leaves the hair follicle completely in tact underneath the surface of your skin. 

Keep Your Appointments Consistent

In order for the laser hair removal to be effective for you, it needs to be performed at different hair growing cycles. The way that laser hair removal works is by removing all of the hair follicles from each cycle. As this is done cycle after cycle, the hair will eventually stop growing in. However, because the cycles grow in at regular intervals, it is crucial that your laser hair removal treatments are performed at these regular intervals. Hitting the same hair twice in a row will not be nearly as effective as hitting the hair follicles from two different growth cycles. The professional who is performing your laser hair removal likely knows this, so it is up to you to avoid rescheduling or missing appointments.