Brazilian Waxing In A Salon? What First-Timers Need To Know

The warm weather means beach vacations and plenty of days spent poolside. But the hair down there isn't exactly bikini ready. Here's where Brazilian waxing in a salon comes in. If you're new to this service, take a look at what you need to know before your first wax.

Don't Try a DIY

Unlike other waxing processes, a Brazilian removes the hair closer to some seriously sensitive zones. Pouring hot wax on these areas yourself is never advisable. Leave this job to the pros. Not only does the expert esthetician know what they're doing, but they have the wright products and the right view to get the job done without causing excessive pain or irritation.

Let the Hair Grow

Waxing requires hair to remove. If you recently shaved the area, the Brazilian process won't work well—if at all. When you book your appointment, ask the salon staff what the ideal hair length is. In most cases, one-quarter inch is an acceptable amount of growth.

Start with a Small Area

If you're nervous (which is perfectly normal and understandable) or have concerns about irritation, ask for a patch test first. This gives you an idea of the discomfort level and how your skin will react. Keep in mind, waxing hurts just about everyone.

There's no world in which ripping hair off one of the most sensitive areas of your body with hot wax will feel good. But a skilled esthetician can get the job done efficiently, minimizing the not-so-pleasant feel.

Take a Deep Breath

Tensing up and expecting the worse will only make the process more painful. Relax, breathe deeply, hum a song to yourself, or do whatever it takes to relax. If you feel mentally uncomfortable about the Brazilian, talk to the professional. Ask questions or for tips to make the salon service easier.

Follow Aftercare Directions

Caring for the recently waxed area is an important step. Ask about recommended aftercare products, such as lotions or creams, before your appointment. It's normal for the skin to look red and feel somewhat sore after the wax. But with the proper care, your bikini area will feel soft, smooth, and hair-free for weeks to come.

A Brazilian wax is an easy answer to your beach and pool woes. If you've never waxed, or never waxed your bikini zone, forget about a do-it-yourself approach. Skip the drugstore wax kits, go straight to the professional, and follow the salon's directions to make the most out of this summer-friendly service.

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