Pound It Out: The Health Benefits Of Thai Massage

There are dozens upon dozens of types of massages in the world, all meant to help you relax, de-stress, or heal more quickly, depending on your specific needs. But while types like shiatsu and hot rock massages are quite common, others are less well known — which is a shame, as you can't use what you don't know about. For example, how much do you know about Thai massage (nuat phaen thai)? Read More 

How To Get Straight Hair And Maintain The Look For At Least A Week

Is your hair naturally curly? After washing, conditioning, and using a flat iron at home, your hair may look straight for only a few hours before it becomes frizzy and then starts looking a bit wavy. If you can never seem to keep your hair straightened for long, there are just a few simple steps you should follow to ensure your hair stays straight and looking its best for at least a week. Read More 

Looking To Enjoy Some Outdoor Fun? Why You Should Get A Swim Spa

Any hotel worker will tell you that a swimming pool is easily one of the most requested amenities. Some people can't wait to stay at a resort so they can enjoy a refreshing dip in the pool during their visit. However, you shouldn't have to wait until you go to a hotel before you get to bask in the pleasures of a pool. When you have one at home, you can take a swim whenever you would like to. Read More 

4 Benefits Of Weight Loss Services Offered At Medical Spas

People often say that the key to weight loss is exercise and a balanced diet, but every person is different and everyone loses weight in different ways. While some may be able to reach their weight loss goals on their own, others greatly benefit from weight loss services offered at medical spas. If you are overweight or obese, some of the top benefits of weight loss services offered at medical spas include: Read More 

Five Common Facial Ingredients And What They Can Do For You

You're in a spa awaiting your facial appointment. As you browse the menu of facials, you see ingredients like charcoal and turmeric. They all sound appealing in their own right, but you're just not sure which to choose! The truth of the matter is, different facial ingredients have different benefits, and knowing the basics about them can help you choose the treatment that's best for you. Here's a look at five common facial ingredients and what they can do for you. Read More